Friday, October 30, 2009

St. Mark's Episcopal's New Web site

For those of you who wonder what I do as Assistant Rector at St. Mark's ... check it out:

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

We just posted our stewardship video and have launched an SMS service that will send emergency updates to subscribers' cell phones (thing like weather related closures and last minute changes).


Lauralew said...

Great website! I may take some of your suggestions to my own parish. Thanks!

Reverend Mom said...

Your welcome Laura and thanks for the feedback. Our goal was to serve 2 audiences: those who are seeking a faith community, and those who are already members. We created the "Members Only" password protected area to shield sensitive personal information from the general public (we have members who don't want their personal information showing up on Google searches for some very good reasons). Anything that is relevant for people looking for a church is easily accessed.