Saturday, January 2, 2010

But it was just supposed to be a paint job...

Back last month I was stripping wallpaper and now ... what started as a paint job has turned into a full fledged bathroom renovation. Ugh! But after 18 years, vinyl tile discolors everywhere you put a bathmat (and who doesn't have bathmats?), cabinet finishes wear out and discolor ... and then there's that unused second sink rough in that the former owners never got around to connecting to a real sink! It turned into what Bob Vila likes to call a "you might as well."

Last week (yes, after Christmas) I used my new Dremel Multimax to rip out all the vinyl tile which exposed the water damaged subfloor which resulted in a sawzall job to take out the damaged floor. And now the floor is on the mend, the tile is picked out, the cabinets will arrive in a couple of weeks and then the flooring and tub will be tiled ... and not by me or beloved husband but a licensed contractor. I can do demolition but I prefer to leave it to the professionals to do the construction right.

So if you ever wondered what clergy do when they've had way too much heavy theological thinking on their plates, now you know. Never doubt the pastoral value of swinging a sledgehammer!

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