Friday, April 20, 2012

Proud moments in parenting

This has been a week of dealing with disappointments. It began with a post-Easter letdown of having to kick start another search for an organist at Grace (my stuff) but then began to include other's stuff too.

Our oldest daughter was bumped from her varsity lacrosse team back to junior varsity. It was a bruise to the ego, but the truth of her gifts and graces is that she's not so much a team athlete as a team intellect. She's amazing at Model United Nations and has been asked to lead the group next year. She loves international affairs and issues. She's a theater techie. All in all, a lot like Mom.

Nonetheless, it was hard news when the freshman JV goalie leapfrogged her to varsity. We had a long talk and I was amazed at how she handled herself. She agreed to stick it out for the remainder of the JV season to make sure they were covered even as she made plans for her senior year which will not include lacrosse.

I am so proud of how maturely she's handling this and told her she was learning a hard lesson in coping with a difficult situation. This won't be the last time she finds herself in a hard place and learning to deal with it now is a growing (although not fun) experience.

Our youngest daughter, who is a natural athlete, injured her foot in a soccer game and has been forced to wear an orthopedic boot. She thought she'd get her boot off this week only to find out she needs to wear it another two weeks. She was heartbroken! She was sure her soccer team no longer needed her. We reminded her that yes, her soccer team could get along without her ... but that's because they have built up a resilient team and that's what's important. They will be even better when she returns but she should be happy that the loss of one player doesn't bring everyone down. She's coming around on it.

I'm continuously amazed at my girls and how they have grown - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Makes a mom proud.

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